IT Disposal

Are you aware of the impact of the dangers you are posing to the world by dumping your old electronic equipment including your computers and laptops in the nearest landfill? Such equipment, apart from plastic and glass also contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury along with gold and silver. When exposed to the warm and humid undersoil, they start disintegrating and by reacting with the chemicals present in the soil, turn into poisonous toxic chemical compounds that leech into the ground. From there they find their way into plants in the zone when they suck water from the ground. As a result, the fruits and vegetable on those plants contain those toxic chemicals too. You can cause further damage to the environment if you dump your computers close to a water body. In such a scenario, the water also gets corrupted as well, affecting the marine life in it. Can you imagine what will happen to you and your kids if you eat fish derived from such ponds? Therefore, you should be extremely careful about IT disposal. Never dump them in the trash can used to dump your daily waste. On the contrary, get in touch with a company that specialises in safely dismantling and recycling the parts of your information technology goods.

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Check with the vendor

Your best option about IT disposal is to check the manual that came along with your computer or other devices such as printers or WiFi adapter. Chances are bright that some of them contain information about recycling. If you phone the vendor, they will send their personnel to pick up the outdated and non-required electronic goods from your home or office. They will then sell the same to a recycling specialist. The staff of the specialist will unassembled your IT goods and remove the parts and put them in separate chambers. The glass goes in one chamber, the plastic goods go into another, and the electronic parts in yet another chamber. The company then melts the plastic parts and dries them in the form of pellets. Manufacturers of computer bodies purchase this recycled plastic and use it for manufacturing new bodies. It is the same with the glass material of the monitor of your computer, unless it is a liquid crystal display monitor. After healing, the glass sheets are sold to manufacturers of computer screens and other types of glass materials. This helps to decrease the cost of the final product, as the manufacturer purchases them at lower prices.

The precious metals and other parts

The IT disposal company removes electronic parts from the motherboard and then use a special process to extract the precious metals as well as the heavy metals and save them separately for selling to manufacturers of information technology goods. By the way, even the cardboard box in which your computer was shipped too can be recycled. Save the future of the world and the planet's ecology by depending on property IT disposal by handing it to a professional company that recycles such goods.